Meet the team! Together, our passion is to create, and in doing so to help others. We believe in collaboration and co-operation, and are constantly working to improve our creative abilities both professionally and personally. Read a little about each of us below.

Justin Hebb

Owner & Web Designer, Jukah Digital

Justin has been working in, on, and around computers since receiving his first computer at age 11. This includes the subsequent destruction of said computer on the same day. He learned quickly though, and now uses his experience for good: making computers and the web work for people, instead of the other way around.

In his spare time, Justin enjoys surfing the cold waters of the Atlantic with friends, playing video games, music, the outdoors, and spending time with his wife on PEI.

Justin’s stuff: Twitter, Google Plus

Nathan Sizemore

Owner, Nathan Sizemore Productions

Nathan’s overriding passion is for movies. It’s an interest that has driven him to work as an instructor at the School of Digital Filmmaking in Kona, Hawaii and to write and direct a number of short films. He has been on Prince Edward Island for most of the past four years creating images.

In addition to video, Nathan also devotes his time to a number of illustration projects, a movie blog, and a novel called The Pancake Man. He lives in Charlottetown with his wife and two sons.

Nathan’s stuff: FlickrYouTubeVimeoBlog

Katherine MacLaine

Owner & Graphic Designer, SBMRG Studio

Katherine’s environment inspires her to create. It’s pretty common for her to have at least a million projects going at once…everything from customizing old windsurfers to sewing vw vanagon curtains. Her passions are graphic design, surfing and traveling all over Atlantic Canada looking for new breaks with her husband and good friends.

Katherine enjoys creating with unique colour palettes, various textures, and natural substrates. It is the possibility of an idea, the process of transforming it and the message we can communicate that captivates her everyday.

Katherine’s stuff: FlickrVimeoBlog