Client Questions

Asking the Right Questions

Something we find happens a lot with clients is that they know they want something but aren’t exactly sure what or how they want it to look. More often than not, if we aren’t able get the right information up front, we find the client might not be able to define what they want until they start seeing something they don’t want.

“That’s nice, but maybe a little brighter?”

“Can we have the links on the side instead of the top?”

“What if we add more footage of the band?”

In our ongoing effort to both educate our clients and provide the very best finished product we can, we’ve started a questionairre for each discipline (graphic design, video, web design) that helps us dig a little deeper into the psyche of our clients and fish out the knowledge hidden within!

Good, Fast, Cheap

Every client who comes through our door wants three things: A good project, a fast project, and a cheap project. The old adage in the design community is that you can only have two of three, so choose wisely!

If we have more time to work on a project, we’ll have a better opportunity to fine tune things, and more flexibility on price. Likewise, if you need a rush on something and we have to put other projects aside to get it done, it sometimes means a cost increase.

We always work hard to turn out the best possible project under any circumstance, but it goes without saying that a little extra time may help us tweak that project to make it a little more perfect!

And With Some Further Ado…

Keep an eye on our blog for new posts on what kinds of things to consider for specific types of projects. We’ll be doing one each for Graphic Design, Video, and Web Design, with links to the current version of the questions that we go over with clients.

Feel free to contribute to the discussion – borrow from our questions, or contribute your own ideas!

(This is part of our series called “Client Questions”, where we talk about how best to help the client figure out what they want! Find the other parts here: Intro, Design, Video, Web)

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