Summer 2011 Web Design Projects

We’ve had a busy summer here at Creativitea, like everyone else. The never-ending winter/spring/rain early on gave us lots of time to focus on getting some work done!

We’ve just wrapped up two web projects, with a few more on the way, and I wanted to talk about how we got from start to finish on them, to inspire some of you who might be thinking about getting a new website yourself!

Insight Marketing

First up is Kerry Anne MacDougall and Dawn Binns, the ladies behind Insight Marketing. These two were just starting out in a new partnership that was still a secret around town, and asked us to help them get a website ready for when the news broke that would reflect them as a team, both personally and professionally.

They knew what they wanted right from the get-go, and were able to answer all the questions about goals and functionality for the site. They had an existing brand that they were very happy with, and wanted a website that would match the quality and expectation of that brand. Their current logo was going to be re-used, and they wanted to focus on the particular shade of green from that logo. They had a few general ideas they liked as far as design, but mostly wanted it to look great, and make people recognize the site as Insight Marketing.

We came up with a design concept they loved, which we tweaked a little, and then built the site to match. They were so clear in their goals that the end result looks very similar to the very first mock-up we did for them.

This project was a lot of fun – Kerry Ann and Dawn were easy to work with, and it was great to set them up with a new site that reflects where they want to be as a new small business. Good luck ladies!

Check them out at

Michele Dorsey Law

Next is Michele Dorsey, formerly of HRA, now venturing out on her own as Michele Dorsey Law. Michele approached us early on in the process as she started her new business. It wasn’t public knowlege yet (what’s with all the secrets people!), but she was about to embark on a new exciting adventure.

Michele wanted us to help her with her branding and corporate identity right from the get-go, which included some brainstorming, idea-making, head-scratching and lots of lightbulbs! Once we established what she wanted people to see when they thought of her new company, we came up with the graphical side of things, including her logo, photography, and video, and then got to work on her website.

Michele had an idea of what she wanted the site to do and how she wanted it to look, and we refined those ideas with her and came up with some concepts for the site. She wanted the site to reflect the type of work she does, which involves conflict resolution and labour relations. This meant the site had to make people feel calm, relaxed, and comfortable. No bright red colours! The functionality of the site needed to back that up, with easy to find information about her services, success stories from past clients, resources for potential clients, and an easy way to get a hold of her.

The website we ended up with represents Michele well. It has her style, and exudes the same calming, welcoming vibe that Michele exudes herself. The website does everything she needs it to do right now, and allows Michele’s prospective clients to find out everything they need to know and get in touch with her.

This was another great project to work on. Michele is a very easy-going person, but confident in what she was looking for. Best of luck with your new venture Michele!

Find Michele at

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